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Darkest dreams,
Deepest scars,
Painful screams,
Never ending terrors.

Agonizing memories,
In my abyss called life,
The way I found you,
Is serendipity.

Be it luck,
Or be it destiny,
The way I found you,
Is pure serendipity.

A hand to hold on,
I shall always provide,
A shoulder to lean on,
You shall always find.

Moments with you,
Made my life anew,
Merry smiles and laughter,
Without you would be few.

Oh my dear friend,
Come let’s explore together,
Let not this journey end,
For I shall be your comforter.

With no expectations let’s lead,
This life to a better place,
With no thoughts of future,
To the end let’s race.

Oh my dear friend, in you, I shall always be.

For you I shall always be…

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