Poetry is an art of discovering – Adnan Farooq

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A short and sweet introduction of yourself. *

My Name Is Adnan farooq as you know and i am from gujarat.


When did you first start writing? *

i think in January 2017


Do you remember what you wrote first? *


Khuda Ki Khudaai Ko Aazmana Kuc Yu Seela De Gaya, ki Insaa.n Bs Apne maazi me zinda reh gaya.


How did you get interested in writing? *

i wrote little couplets for my friends. after that i realized that i can write.


Who or what has been inspiration? *

Dr.Allama Mohammed Iqbal.


Who are your favorite authors/poets? Why? *

Dr.Allama Mohammed Iqbal – Because of his inspirational nazams and ghazals. Mirza Asadullah baig khan – Ghalib Faiz Ahemad Faiz


How do you feel when you write? *

i feel the happiness and satisfaction in writing.


What are your other hobbies? *

Music, Reading


How did you feel when you got your selection mail? *

it feels like an opportunity knocked at my door for which i am waiting for since years.


What do you think about poetry? *

poetry is an art of discovering and presenting the situations and reality of the world.


Do you think rhymes are important for poems? Why so? *

yes rhymes creates magic in the poetry.


A few words for your readers? *

you are the reason behind the best poetries exist in the world.lets take a sip of a tea and enjoy the moments. Apne Jazbaaat Me Kuc Yu Zaahir Kar Raha Hu, ki Apni Har Khwaish ko chor Ke Me Zaahid Ban Raha hu.


What do you wish to say to budding writers? *

learning and reading is the key of the lock called writing.


Thank you for your valuable time. Hope you had a nice time answering us. All the best for your future endeavors.

thanks a lot.

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