Poetry is a great outlet for emotions and thoughts – Vijith Varatharajan

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A short and sweet introduction of yourself. *

Writer, film lover, bookaholic, gamer, chess player, and a coffee addict.


When did you first start writing? *

At the age of eight.


Do you remember what you wrote first? *


It was an essay highlighting the differences between Nature and Science.


How did you get interested in writing? *

I have always been a voracious reader from childhood and I’ve always dreamed that I would write like those authors one day.


Who or what has been inspiration? *

The countless authors whose books I’ve read inspire me every day. Also the feeling of the finality of death is, by far, most inspiring to me. It pushes me to work towards my goals.


Who are your favorite authors/poets? Why? *

George R R Martin, for his methods of twisting traditional tropes of literature and being innovative and bold with his writings. J K Rowling, whose Harry Potter books were the first novels I read as a child, and who brought me into the world of stories. Sylvia Plath, whose unnerving poems and stories still haunt me to this day, making me question my actions.


How do you feel when you write? *

I feel great. Almost like God, controlling characters whose fates are sealed by me. It feels like taking a journey into myself, knowing who I really am.


What are your other hobbies? *

Gaming, watching movies, traveling.


How did you feel when you got your selection mail? *

Honestly speaking, I had forgotten all about sending the story as I was busy with my studies. Still, I felt happy as this was my first venture into the world of published stories.


What do you think about poetry? *

I think that poetry is a great outlet for emotions and thoughts. It can represent something deep that cannot be described by normal speech.


Do you think rhymes are important for poems? Why so? *

Not really. What matters is the content we are trying to tell. Rhyming still helps as it brings out emotions, but it is ultimately optional.


A few words for your readers? *

I thank them for taking their time to read my works. It really means a lot and to me, there is no greater feeling than watching my work of art be critically analyzed by a fellow reader.


What do you wish to say to budding writers? *

I wish them success in all their future endeavors. Writing is a hard process, and at times, it can feel impossible. But never lose hope. It is YOUR work that you’ve put onto paper. It represents you and it says a lot about you. It is like your child. Don’t abandon it.


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