Poetry – an escape from reality – Narasimha Reddy

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A short and sweet introduction of yourself. *

A passionate writer/poet


When did you first start writing? *

About 3 years ago


Do you remember what you wrote first? *



How did you get interested in writing? *

By reading books


Who or what has been inspiration? *

Books are my inspiration to write stuff


Who are your favorite authors/poets? Why? *

John green and nicholas sparks because the way they play with words and their humor amazes me


How do you feel when you write? *

I feel complete


What are your other hobbies? *

Sleeping and Netflixing


How did you feel when you got your selection mail? *

Wonderful. Actually, my friend kinda forced me to do this. And i submitted on the last day. I wrote it like in 5 minutes or something. So, i felt really good


What do you think about poetry? *

An escape from the reality for me


Do you think rhymes are important for poems? Why so? *



A few words for your readers? *

Thank you


What do you wish to say to budding writers? *

Read as many books as possible. Improve your vocabulary.


Thank you for your valuable time. Hope you had a nice time answering us. All the best for your future endeavors.

Thank you

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