Peace But Lagging by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Peace but lagging

What do we do now?
Or do we don’t know jowl
We have depleted all means
There is no change in scene

The china has already occupied
Despite international verdict announced
“We shall claim all our parental land”
It shall be part of our homeland

So damage has been done
We are only crying wolf and shown
How best tagging can be done
That was only concern

We have not done our part
We have roused no passion to start
Some sort of disobedience
At least severe of diplomatic relation or ban from import licenses

Poets write only like but express nothing
Let separate site be developed to air for adding
We must stand and write daily but not this only tagging
We are surely for peace but lagging

Roula Pollard

My question is: Are we Poets who write poems about Peace or do we take the next step forward?

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