One Dance-Gingerbay Café

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One Dance

In a dimly lit café

Her natural beauty illuminated

The table.

Soft red light gently caresses

Her luscious features as

Slow reggae jams

Dominate the cozy space.


Beres Hammond was at

His vintage best,

So I asked her for one dance.

That night, the DJ was indulging in

Musical Sorcery-

With every selection, we sink






In a sea of romantic fantasies.

Her now warm body so soft

I can taste her silky smoothness.

Her head upon my chest as the lyrics

Takes us away captives.

My lips refashioned from

Whispering honeyed words,

To playfully pecking her forehead

To lightly caressing

Her irresistible lips.

We are now drifting in musical waves

Where slow dancehall bump and grind

Evoke fast and choppy breaths.


Sensual rhythms tie us up so close

That the tip of my nose

Skim across her steaming body

The heat…

Radiates the soothing fragrance

Of her arresting perfume-

I am anchored!

We are lost in this dancehall sea

And time no longer has meaning as

We sail on from

One musical selection to another,

Riding the waves of a multitude Of

Lyrical passion.



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