On Reading Poems Of John Clare by Francis Duggan

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You were the bard not many cared to know
The great poet from the distant long ago
But you proved master of the gift of rhyme
And still your verses stand the test of time.

Hard to believe that a talent so great
Was one time looked upon as second rate
And though John Taylor worked hard for your early fame
For many years your’s was forgotten name.

Once more i sit here in my room tonight
And read your poems with feelings of delight
The Badger and The Fox and The Landrail,
The Thrush’s Nest and The March Nightingale.

Last week in pub i heard reciter quote
From one of the many famous poems you wrote
A poem that well might last till amen day
Your song to ladybird called ‘Clock a clay’

And you poor poet died in a mental home
Far from your beloved Village of Helpstone
The Helpstone where those first verses you wrote
And the village where you first became a poet.

It’s true that poets are born and poets are rare
And there is no greater poet than John Clare
As a Nature poet with him none can compare
And the bard from Helpstone now known everywhere

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