On Reading Poems Of George R Sims by Francis Duggan

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As i read his gripping verses i could picture myself there
In Connacht in the County Galway in the frosty Winter Air
When the dying Kate Maloney followed her husband down the hill
And the fatal shot that killed him rang out in the evening chill.

And i see myself in London when Nell searched for Billy’s Rose
And they found her little body frozen midst the frozen snows
With a rose for her dead brother clasped tight in her tiny hand
Times were hard for poor man’s children back in those days in England.

In ‘Nellie’s prayer’ the mood was different it ended in a blaze of joy
The young girl’s prayers were answered when her hopes refused to die
Her soldier dad came home unscathed ‘it was rumoured he was dead’
And that poem it touched the heart strings and that poem i have re-read.

George R Sims a bard of England he was such a human poet
And his poems were laced with feelings for the poor alone he wrote
He may have written for royalty had he craved so for renown
But his sympathies lay elsewhere with the people who were down.

As i read his human verses i was in the long ago
I could see myself in London when young Nell died in the snow
And i could see myself in Ireland when dying Kate ran down the hill
And the shot that killed the would be traitor rang out in the evening chill.

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