On Reading Poems Of Chesterton by Francis Duggan

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That his verse is still quite popular not hard to understand
For he was quite a wordsmith and his fame spread beyond England
And like his great mate Hilaire Belloc he composed more than one great ode
And his fame will live forever like his ‘Rolling English Road’.

He was a bard of the old school and his verses raced along
And to rhyme to him came natural he had the true gift of song
And many who have read the poems of Chesterton have re-read them again
And his fans still sing his praises and true to him remain.

He was quite a famous novelist as well as a man of rhyme
And in the early nineteen hundreds when he was in his prime
Literature had seen it’s best day and was already in decline
Still good writing wears the years well and matures like good wine.

His fame did not die with him and his verses live today
And if you are a fan of Chesterton’s as a fan of his you’ll stay
He and Belloc in their hey day with the finest did compare
They were poets and men of letters and people like them are rare.

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