No More Same Kinds Of Poems by Abdul Wahab

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No use to write anymore again and again
Same kinds of poems in the same forms
Written previously on the themes
In the same tone and in the same rhythm
With the same flow and with the same schemes,
Everyday I rise and confront the same sun
The same moon I leave behind each night
Before I go to bed to sleep after midnight
No change I see even in the new dawn,
I am tired of the rain that falls pattering
Producing the same music, same sound
The same results I get when the same wind
Blows from the same direction with same speed,
I am surrounded with the same monotonous air
Live in the same atmosphere since I learnt
No fun is there in life, no joy is in a poem unless
In the direction of progress a change is occurred,
No risk, no gain, this is very straight and simple
Why not then, no challenge, no interest or
No twist no suspense, no wonder no thrill!
All expected things are like a drab or a true dribble,

If creation is not a copy, if I say, true to the term
Why not then in each poem innovation is must!
Trust me or not, no poem is a poem until and unless
It opens up a new thought and breaks into a new land,
Boringness is a feeling comes from the stagnation
And stagnation is a state when no stiring is happened
When both combine brings nothing but devastation
Annihilating the art itself for which so much time is invested.

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