Negative Poem by Abdul Wahab

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The fruits hanging from the branches
Of your tree, evoke in my heart an emotion
People With contempt call it jealousy
And I too wished to have some
Exactly like that of you

I grew older, one by one they stuck to me
And I bear a lot of them
Like the followers of you of face book follow you
And wait for every status you update
Or the little piece of your mind you post
Like a thirsty bird waiting for a drop of rain
In the extreme summer of June/July
And you enjoy this to the lees
like a celebrity, but you are wrong
AndI am too frighten as too many fruits
Could harm a branch
Unable to bear I will be left broken.

If I am right then the story would end
Discussing your down fall
As a Buddha never follows another Buddha
They vie to surpass each other
The animosity between them to do excellence is so strong
That they do not hold back even to kill
Really, really I am too frighten.

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