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In a world of daffodils I sit,
Glued to the loving fragrance
Of green leaves.
The freshness of the air hit me,
Then it began; my worries.

From the corner of my room:
Questions ranging from family
To academics
In a family I lead
With the task of opening path.

I worry,
if I can keep the pace;
Beat expectations girdling me
And create that path to heaven
To give answers to rising questions.

To this community I now lay,
This great land of knowledge:
Seeing the helplessness
Of a government once active
As it seems to drown deep in the river.

I worry
If that prestige will return;
The father of Aluta seems to slumber
In a moment of prosperous crisis.
I worry our sacrosanctity extinct.

Going further to my father land:
With this festering continuing
And the land seeming decayed already
As the beasts of the jungle
Continue to devour the peasants.

I worry
If we still deserve that tag
“Giant of Africa”. I worry
When we shall stop depreciating
And show that hidden divine strength.

With no exception to the ” blacks”:
Stagnation chose our continent
As we are made to rule but ruled,
Darkness begs to takeover
And our ignorance rule us.

I worry,
When we shall stand as an adult,
Extinct influence of another colour.
I worry when our epistle will be written
On the emergence of Africa.

I worry,
When my worry will cease to worry,
When my sorry will become fury
And extinct my worry in a lorry
To transform my worry to glory.


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