My Mother – 1 by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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Oh mother!
You were…
A sweater in my winter,
A cooler in my summer,
An umbrella in the rains,
An epic during the strains.

You had been…
A roof over my head,
Aplate under my bread,
A sheet upon my bed,
A patting hand for what I did.
You will remain…
The source of
Blessings eternal,
The stream of
Learnings divine,
The path of love
For everyone humane,
The wrath of my life
To thrash the insane.
You are…
Still in my heart
As a forgiving being,
Still in my brain
As a voice of caring,
Still within me
As a loving divine stream,
Still with me
As a living human dream.
I feel proud
That I am on this Earth
Just because you placed
Me in your womb,
Pray, ever I would
Ever again henceforth
To be born off you,
After I enter the tomb.

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