My Love For War by Abdul Wahab

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My little innerbird takes a flight with
a fixedheightandsees changing lands
low and high,black and whitewith
camouflageseasonsalong with colourful
plants and tress, dancing , changing are
the notions, too, of life and love only fixed
is the hill, the symbol of greed, oceans are
of lust,blood takes the same colour, pain
gives the same suffering but different
meaning of them altogether, whatlove
means here, that love is not there soIwag
a waragainst love though overflowing inmy
songsand poems,doI not have a heart?
Whycan not Ifeel the same which I feel
for myself?or am I missing something,
the meaning of love? Have Inotperceived
lovefrom the sun?A sense! No, no, I have
no world in my wallet which can describe love!
War has a full of terminology so I love war.

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