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Radha and Sikandar loved each other so much, their love was deep like an ocean. Radha was a simple homely girl from a small town who had many dreams.  Sikandar was a simple guy with a successful career.  Fate brought them together, she fell in love and he accepted his feelings for her too.

There’s a lake located in one corner of the park.  Each time I jog by this lake, I see the same old girl sitting at the water’s edge. The girl named Radha was quiet, her eyes making sure that she was alone. Months passed and one day, I started taking my responsibilities as the role model a lot more seriously after that. I asked her for some relationship advice, she said, “Honestly, the moment I stopped trying to find the right woman, and started trying to become the right man. It really helped me to understand that my feelings are not always what is important. I’ll never forget that conversation and the paradigm shift my brain experienced that day. After spending nearly every waking minute with Radha for eight straight days, I knew that I had to tell her just one “thing.  She has become my life. One day,

I said, “I am willing to see you cook too Radha”.

Radha: Well my cooking is simple. I cook with love.

I: What! Love! Why Chemistry. Why not cook with life science.

Radha: Life science is not so easy to live all at once. She said, “Take care of you, okay?” and I responded with an absent-minded, “Sure.” But then her voice changed the tone. “I’m serious, Sikandar. You’re important to me. Take care of you,” She repeated. You have no idea how much I needed you.

I: But I find you are a sweet and very beautiful girl.

Radha: ‘’seriously’’ Oh my god surprising!!!

I:  yes really you are.

I held her hand and said, I’ve got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes. So I’m going to tell you about what happened with my life. I have cancer, and I do not know how many days I love you very much, but I love you very much. I said that the number of days I will pass with you, I can understand that I have lived my whole life.

Radha: I don’t know how to say nice words but I do know that I love you. If you agree, I am willing to take care of you, the whole life.

A few months have gone. But we found our happiness in cliques, we’d call each other baby, honey, you name it, even though we cringed when another couple said it. Just being with her and breathing with her.

© Dr. Brajesh Kumar Gupta “Mewadev”, Banda (U.P. – India)

@ All Rights Reserved.

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