Monkeys -3 (Politics Of The Day- Series) by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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And then they developed
An Art of Speaking-
That made a monkey a king!
They learnt to speak
In a roundabout way,
To hide and seek while they spoke.
They learnt to mean without speaking
And to speak without meaning.
They spoke more to themselves
And less to their audience around
And learnt to keep them waiting.
They devised newer methods
Periodically, more to confuse
Than to be in use for those
Who came to their asylum.

They had the art of pleasing
Both parties of a mob
In a bitterly dueling clash.
The art of speaking
Was yet to grow up wholly
It was still in its teens.
The Monkeys were up…
Up to covering some extra mile,
In their journey to evade worlds-
That belonged to cultures new and aliens.

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