Moments Of Poems by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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Reaching into the unknown, finding soothing tones leaning
into my mind.

Beautiful, purified, innocent love being proven through an
honest and truthful heart and soul.

Traipsing down corridors of yesterday’s memories, taking
their essence into the blossoming of my heartbreak.

Healing it with the breath of nature’s freshness, tasting
savory and delicious rhythms and solving it’s sadness.

Boarding musical depths of an interior musician, hiding
in this mere poet.

Portraits of life standing in moments of poems that I’ve

Little pieces of information being given out beneath
verses, taking their readers into enlightenment.

Drumming and flowing along river banks, trying to keep up,
never drowning in the rapids, staying afloat.

Always finding the essence betraying music with an enliven-
ing energy, relatively and honestly being played with bouts
of knowledge given through this mind’s intellect.

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