Moments Of Ecstasy 1 by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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What made you
Rush into the room,
Almost during a mid-day?
Whilst we had always been close,
Physically woven into one-
On that great Valentines Day!
Did you smell anything odd
That might pass
Between these souls at bay?
While I was with these three
The fire was flooded with airy moods
Dipped in a fluid of agony, a ray! !
There was fire
Flowing through the veins,
There was a breeze
Blowing below the loins,
There was a music
Heard by our hearts,
There was a lyric
Sung by our moist lips,
There was a season
With colours of the Rainbow,
There was a reason
Bringing our voices low.
Time failed to exist-
Still was the air,
All that we felt
The need to love and care.

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