Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me

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trapped within the very impulse of our loved beneath the perplexing ambush

we close the door of brevity with a slight adjustment of the hand when will we understand

caught betwen the world I know then onto the one I wish to go we become puzzled

my mind is playing tricks on me day after day with humble knee to bow the head to pray


out in the street where people meet we wear a smile yet know all the great while

when push comes to shove we tend to sweep things underneath the rug

in a time well spent in thought our chromosones run a bit wild

when I was a child i used to dream of kings and queens & magical places


yesterday is gone and I sit here all alone with a song in my heart to light the inner spark

we will humbly embark upon the distant road we are to tread within the walking dead

following aparts at the seams living in a land so very mean



with witches in the air without a care in darkened portals of my mind

a flash in the pan when to understand that true simplistic art

Warhol with his soup cans promising everyone 15 minutes of fame

Elder bush still trying to grab some bush best he keep his Tiger in the woods


living in a field of dreams faces that scream eating my favorite ice cream

blind leaders of the blind following a no it all for president isn’t it relevant

chase back the dreams froom your hair without the willingness to share

lines being drawn in the sand when to understand send the troops home

no time for them to roam…


mind is playing tricks on me as we take things casually masquerading with reality

with sought after humble brevity living in a land of make believe

yet we have something up our sleeve

crimes of passion embarking on the New York mile


bloodshed in the street of the town of New Haven

gone our the days of the forgotten Ben Laden or have we forgotten him

North Korea fat boy in a suit with funny hair

a cause to reflect lest we have met together for a journey of fear


working to hard can give you a heart attack like that old school rap

with Slick Rick & Mellie Mel boogy down with your socks like the late Scot Lerock

Fetty Wap is still on top still got time to call up for a cop

many years from now I’ll still be on top


minds playing tricks on my as if its in the gutter is it any wonder with Stevie

everybody needs me like freshly squeezed orange juice drinking one hundred proof Vodka

these are the days that try mens souls as in the summer soldier and the sunset patriot

we can learn from our past mistakes not to make them again


Guess its best to hold our breath & count to the number ten again



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