Meditation by Muzahidul Reza

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Coming out of home I see some land and much water all around
Full with wonderful animals, plants, myriad of natural objects
Some I can name and some I can’t, some near and some are so far
Some open, some covered, some sweet again some are so bitter,

First day, I see and think of the beauty remembering my sweet heart
I become romantic one reciting some romantic poems, singing a song
Run through the countryside playing hide and seek, hunting wildlife
Earn a speed leaving all behind, treading all innocent to go fast,

Second day, I go and see it is our beautiful earth where we all live
Getting all things available in need in land and water here and there
Centralizing this dimension we all dream and set respective world
With dearest and nearest ones through sad and happy environs,
Third day, I comprehend a link among all the beings and things
All are entangled in a tone with an unseen net as unseen air blowing
All the beings and things are well regulated except some humans
By eternal almighty, unique, supreme director One’s commands,
My brain opens, eyes blur, head and mind bow down to His honour
Soul saving energy instantly in my brain and heart dose return
All observing light instantly in my eyes and mind magically returns
Sit I down to count my whole life from first day to the final ones,
I am the recipient of energy and light for pre and post a sort of life
Meditation has fulfilled all the required conditions leading a real life
As by the virtue of it life has been possible in this mortal earth
Again by the virtue of it flowers were bloomed in the trees quite dead.
Copyright © Muzahid Reza |10/31/2016

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