Love You For My Life

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your sweet elegance permeates
through a sequence of love embraced
to cherish a red rose that was plucked a time before
when I look into your delicate eyes its then I see a future
filled up with hope for a better tomorrow
amidst the give and take of sorrow
one hand to hold a heart will mend
love has gained it has not lost humanities heaviest of cost
two lovers in love walking on the beach
trying to catch that frisbee way out of reach
love look at the two of us
strangers in many ways
we have a lifetime to share in so many ways
time will tell where we are destined for
love may grow for all we knowto taste a sip of coffee as the aroma permeates beneath
then walk throughout the quaint forest amidst the fallen dew
we have been so many places in our life and times
love can treat you unkindly but darling can’t you see
we were both made to be
stand together amidst the pain of society
each of us simply can disagree
love you for my life you are a friend of mine
although we may suffer in silence amidst the sway of violence
out of every circumstance we can learn to take part in the dance.

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