Legacies Of A Past Best Forgotten: – 01: That Moment by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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That day
Our heart full of joy,
and full of happiness,
with desires-
blue and burning,
deep and yearning,
soft and singing,
is gone,
has fled far,
farther, beyond our reach-
that our wings can fly.

The legacy of the past
buried under the dry leaves
of lusty and dirty soils-
It was but
the last autumn breeze
which tried to reopen
the file already closed
in the court of dead dreams.
So darling,
never mind,
never cry,
never have a try too
to smell out the remains
and the wiped out fragrances
off the dry stains of blood
that clotted wounds ago,
It is best cleaned off
the shawls of bad memory
and hats of good wounds
that still carry
those shy stains of
our sweet conjugation
over the bright clothing
of moonlit nights
dipped with our myriad
dreams fractured and flattened
on the runway of life.
Let s best forge a smile
on our dry cracked lips
of past
and forget it.

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