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AUGUST 15th.. The most remarkable day in the Indian History..
A day without which, we are not who we are now…
Today we are here, celebrating our 70th Independence Day, after the huge struggles, millions and millions of people underwent.. It’s because of them we are now free cherishing our lives..
But wait.. Are we going in the right path? Has the world changed for good? Are we utilizing our freedom, our independence in the right way????
Think… Think… Think….
And pen with your Ink…
Let out your thoughts on Independence…
1. Write a short poem or a microtale on the given theme ‘Independence’
2. Tag minimum of 3 friends in this post.
3. Share this post in your timeline.
4. Submit your entries in the comments section of this post.
5. Follow the above 4 rules to be part of this contest.
6. LAST DATE : 19th August (Saturday) 9.00pm
Top 3 entries will be uploaded in our website and in the fb page….
First winning entry will be receiving an exciting gift hamper…
Good luck…
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  1. Dr Sridhar
    August 15, 2017 at 3:09 pm

    பசுமை மாறா வயல்வெலி!
    வற்றா ஊற்றெடுக்கும் நீரூற்று!
    தனிமை நடையிடும் பெண்!
    பாலுக்கு அழுதிடா குழந்தை!
    பசிக்கு விலைபோகா மாதர்!
    பணத்திடம் பற்றிலா தலைவர்!
    ஏழ்மையை அறியா மக்கள்!
    இவையனைத்தும் கொண்டது
    என் நாடு!
    என பெருமை கொள்ளும் இந்தி(ய)ன்!

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