I Want Not – 05: The Achievement by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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I want not be
an owner of a great hotel
an industrialist of world fame
a mega star or a billionaire
with dozens of Mercedes
one for my daughter,
and for my dog another,
speeding like air
without a destiny
of my own, or
for the society
I embark upon,
but for my ego
that drives me to be one
ahead of others,
different from others
but not unique,
A man with a super brain
but a narrow lane of heart.

I would rather be
A small gardener
Somewhere in a remote village
Nourishing tiny buds to grow
Under my tiny shade,
Dreaming high
With my love and care,
May be I would not feed them butter,
But a small amount of
Baked roots and thatched roof
Would suffice those
Kids little,
Buds small,
Twigs weak
One day to grow up into
Mountains of hope,
Oceans of love
Skies of greatness
And galaxies
of good hearts
For all.

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