I Want Not – 04: The Status by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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I want not
That great designation
of a corporate job-
A collector,
A governor,
A professor,
A director,
That never fits to nourish the poor
That cares never for the weak ever,
That makes one tall enough
Not to see below,
That makes one rich enough
Not to see the hungry
or thirstyanywhere,
nor the helpless girl
unable to dream a life anymore,
blinded by the muscled.

I would rather be
a small farmer
somewhere near the slums
cooking myself under the smoke,
looking after my kids
nude from poverty,
caring my sick wife
waiting on death bed,
hugging my dusty daughter
half awake till my return
from day long loads of work
that tear me apart
each passing day
with tear, dust
and smoky life here.
I would rather be
a loving father,
a caring spouse and
a feeding farmer.

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