I Am Bijay Kant Dubey A Struggling Poet Still by Bijay Kant Dubey

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I am a struggling poet still
Nor would I like to say myself an established one
As I do not have any award in my bag,
No prizes and honours
And I do keep a very low profile,
Doing something as a ragged man of literature,
What can I myself,
Except promoting and popularizing it
As I have been writing poems since 1986 and that too seriously,
Doing the researches, writing poems and papers,
Reviewing the new arrivals,
Even the smallest ones
But the small poets got promoted and popularized,
Went ahead, looked not back
Even in courtesy
To thank and remember
And I too cared not, used to spend money myself
And get brochures published on
The growth and development of Indian English poetry
And used to send to them free of cost
But I never liked to say about myself
As they do it now,
Writing about their poetry
Even in their books of criticism
As such had been the self-study,
Many a time I was about to lose hope of living
But something saved me
From extinction
But as my heart is filled with emotions today,
I want o say about my books of poems,
Metaphysical, religious, humorous, light and nonsensical,
Realistic and mythical
My Father, My Love Poems, My Bengali Wife,
Chandramukhi, A Collage of Verses,
Devadasi, Yama, Patita,
The Dark Daughter
And a number ofcollections, such as the Tower of Silence,
Hari Om And Other Poems, The Sad And Solemn Music of Humanity,
Indian Birds, Beasts and Flowers, Haikus, Ambulance, Unknown Citizen,
A Singer of Heart, The Dreams of Love, Death, My Death, Talk To Me, etc.
Barring the poems lying scattered and destroyed
As the pale sheets of paper
Which I do not know
How to save them
As these are the poems of the recent years
And I have been since 1986
With so many collections of poems
Still lying unpublished
The politics of the poets, you will not understand,
They keep the things suppressed
Out of enmity and rivalry,
But I know it God is there
It will come to light someday
And they will not be able to hold in check,
What it is with me humbly to show to you,
I shall put before you as for the kind judgement of a judicious soul.

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