I Am A Monarch Slave by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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I am no daughter of
a rich Trump,
Nor a widow of
a powerful Gandhi,

I am more like a Monarch Slave
Physically and psychologically-
abused over and over again.

May be I am poor,
I am down trodden,
I am a piece of nothing
in your eye.

But please…
Please believe me
That although I am a girl,
A poor maiden of course
I have a heart
Rich with emotions,
I have a mind
Full of dreams,
I have a body
That needs soft touches,
I have ears
That crave for kind words,
I have eyes
That need horizons to gaze,
I have lips
That know to speak my mind,
I have a soul
That needs a soul mate.

My quests have
No bounds,
My queries have
No limits at all.
They just don’t know
I am poor,
I am rustic,
I am weak,
I am down trodden
I am a piece of nothing
in your eye.

You never bother
Whether your sneers
Make me cry,
Whether your humiliations
Choke me from within,
Whether your barking aloud
at me makes me sad,
Whether what makes you
so ugly in your looks
towards me and my curves
and my sinking beauty-
makes my life so wretched,
so torturous my road,
And that I feel
Totally victimized.

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