Hold my hand – Durjoy Dutta

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I really wanted someone to hold my hand when I read through the pages of this book. The book is about a
love story, many will find it a usual but me being a helpless romantic, I find every love story unique and
magical. This one is exactly it.

The book has two main characters (obviously), Deep and Ahana. Deep a typical nerd (as described in the
book) and Ahana is a beautiful visually impaired girl. The parts of describing them through pages were done
exactly as they must intend to convey; a self-pitying differently abled and a gawky, geek and an under-
confident geek. But, it’s beautiful how they evolved together and with each other with all their personality
related complexities. Though, I found it conventional (Geek falling in love with a beautiful girl, but here she
was just blind).

Despite the book, screaming its conventionality, I loved how it made me cry, laugh and stood up me all night
just to finish it in one go. Despite all the clichés, it hooked me onto itself to read it till the last page. I realized
how powerful clichés are and how can they turn words into perfect symphony if used perfectly.

I know am being a little critical and skeptic but if someone asks beside all that, I LOVED THE BOOK. Because if
someone will try to look it beyond its conventionality and clichés, the book gives you the chance to places our
characters are and that’s what the purpose of any book; TO TRANSPORT YOU TO PLACES AT ONE PLACE.

This was like DDLJ for me (Indian people will understand, rest please Google) with all those typical
Bollywood romance and happy endings but one catch, the book gave more depth into the characters, how
they grew along the lines of their stories and the story which they together shared. The book discussed the
real-life issues, dilemmas, and complexities while keeping you hopeful and optimistic about it.

It can be a personal favorite for writers, as Deep, is an aspiring writer and avid reader. The book also talks
about his dilemmas and fears of being a writer and how he faces the ever-present nightmare that he will be
an epic failure being a writer because everyone else is so much better than him.

The book tells you how parents are important and that they too have a life of their own but somehow
jeopardize and risk all that for our happiness, though out of love, but in the end, they are just humans who
also have everyday humanly desires. (Plus I don’t want to dig in more into that, go read that bit yourself).

The book, I’ll say isn’t a literary masterpiece or epitome but the narration was heartfelt and fulfilling. I would
definitely recommend reading it because everyday stories are what which makes like extraordinary.

I give this book 3.5 stars.


Book Reviewed By : Vanshikha Kanojia

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