Fulifllment In Nature

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To whom it may concern,

my newest piece is entitled “Fulfillment In Nature”…gifted in art I’m extending a heavy branch of love to the receivers. Open your heart to its delicate message of love piercing one’s soul & being. Collectively impressed by sharing poetry to the mass populace. I will try to supply the unique cadence on its form & style:

PAPI MARIO RAPPER I’m a featured poet on Writer’scafe.org. Having written 1,000 poems toward my platform. Been featured poet at Barnes & Nobles in Waterbury Ct. Remembrance of a loved one poem was reflected at meeting. Vitale has two short stories on the web with Mountaintop Experience & Butch Malone. Contributes poetry to works from John Ashbery and Major Jackson. Has featured poetic works on Neopoet, Allpoetry and Hello poetry. Looks up to Hemingway in his realistic style of writing. Mario Vitale is an established poet that takes care of his eldery handicapped mother who 83 years old.

Attention publisher’s, editors & poets thank you for the opportunity to convey my work to you. It has taken me since the Fall of 1989 to build up my platform in writing. Poetry can take you to places that dreams are made of. From a far away land with kings, queens & dragons. It is a pleasant surprise to write about love in the way it effects the human soul. One can develop a deep aura in reflected there true artistic freedom. Please give me a chance at publication of my poems. We only get one chance at this life dance. It is for freedom that we represent the arts. Freedom that far to many of us take for granted. For love is the essence of my inner existence. I’m most appreciative that you are my friend. Sending shout out to all those who I have touched along the way. Live, laugh & grow… Thank you kindly, Mario William Vitale

Fulfillment In Nature…

One can discover fulfillment in Nature
like a light tower in the dense mist of life
keep playing in God’s playground
listen to the sounds of day and night

bask in the vast institution of love

provide with cadence from up above

with pillars wrought the main state steal

another chance at let’s make a deal

like your style for better or want

Does death hurt you the most or is it pain ?

How you fought so hard & fierce,

my one truest love is gone from here

A challenge to be free is a question of time

my own solution is using my mind

living on the edge and its going to my head

sitting up at night all alone in bed

following a rainbow to the sky

I see a crystal clear vision of you pass me by

loving you is so untrue that’s why I must say to you

your too young to fall in love if you don’t stop you’ll just get shoved.


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