Fear (By Bharati Nayak) by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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Whom are you afraid of?
Not a single word
you dare utter?
The pen so long
in deep lethargic slumber.

The fears hang off
Tip to toe.
Amidst all those zones of security
How safe
are you there?
All your life has been
mortgaged for
a nest of fearlessness,
devoid of fear.
But in fact,
how fearless are you?
Get liberated off those
Chains of fears
That bind you.
like the moonshine
Shower from the free
vast and open sky,
Like the
soft tender Sunshine
of the golden morning,
Spread through-
in and around
like the
Mild breeze of fragrance.
Let the Traveller
in the streets, he passes by
be enraptured
with joy ecstatic.
This is a translation of the poem Dara{a Poem In Odia Language) by Bharati Nayak

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