Endless Ecstasy by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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A mystical feeling filling me through the night as I lie
next to you, watching you sleeping, my love.

Heart beating exhilaratingly just seeing your peaceful
countenance sleeping close to me.

Feelings of love quietly thrilling me inside, knowing
the truth of our love as it lies sleeping within you.

Imagination riding waves of imagery as we love in dreams,
touching our minds.

Having no past, present or future, because our love is
timeless, having no limits set upon it.

An endless ecstasy filling our beings, tenderly exciting,
feeling our desires rising ever higher.

Stirring now in your sleep, reaching for me gently and
touching my body so sensuously and silently.

Bringing me to heaven with you, pleasure mounting heights
within me, hurting so good.

Unable to stand it at times, it’s so totally pleasurable,
I never want it to stop or fade away, my love.

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