Elvis Had Tears

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Elvis Had Tears


from his childhood dreams

out sitting on his swing

from his mommas tender means

he shed them in his youth while letting loose

as the king would grow he had moments to show

going off in the army being late for curfew

parting is such sweet sorrow my friend

married Lisa Marie in pleasant history

a blend of make believe as he put together Graceland

let the reader understand he had an infinite plan

yet deep inside he hid his feelings until he broke in two

having bitten off far more then he could ever chew

made movies with Ann Margaret was on target

the flings of Jail House rock he was on top

but to his surprise he was in a mix of lies

Elvis had tears throughout the years

at his mommas funeral he couldn’t compose himself

then many years had passed having every reason to grasp

the tender message of his voice with a precious choice

Nixon gave him a medal of bearing arms & tabacco

through all his endeavors let us deeply remember

his whispering voice with a choice

1977 was the last time we saw him

he shed a tear to numb his pain

his deep emotions were driving him insane

yet for Elvis sake he soared through the flames

to the king rest nice sweet Mr. Presley we shall see you one day in heaven




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