Dues from DEW   …

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Dues from DEW   …..P.Anandha Saraswathi Devi
Little streams got trapped underground,
Wished the little stream
To flow over in bounds
To rattle and to giggle
To flow up and down with a whistle
Longed for the day to fulfill its dream…!
Pretty little daffodils bright and sweet
Wished to make friends with the water beneath!
Thought of a plan to win its heart
Sought a plan and waited to act!
Sun came next morn smiling upon
Daffodils,Wishing them all the best…!
Pretty little Daffodils drank a lot
Of water underneath till they could nit
Cute little Daffodils looked very tired
Yet they were charming little brides…
Excess water ,the sun did seek
Smiling as if wishing best of luck…!


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