Do It Yourself by Hasmukh Amathalal

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How much it can influence child’s mind?
Stories and poems appear in book with good intention behind
It can create long impact in small store
Child may know it in later stage still more

I laughed in corner and memorized
How exactly it was obliged!
I had read story in text book
Stone lying in middle but no one took aside

First came milkman on cycle
He fell down from cycle alone
“Oh, this stone no one bothers”
He did nothing and moved further

The came old couple for stroll
Fine walk in morning was their only goal
The stone struck and old man fell down
“Who are all stupid people to put it in between? ”

Then came churchman rushing with no care
He waned to open gate and was with worry
His leg struck stone and quickly was on ground
“All careless people here and are around”

I found one gentleman passing by
He saw it and thought to try
He took the stone by the side
Now it was easy for all to ride.

I still remember its impact
The noble deed must be reflected in act
No one should be dependent on others for help
It should be started at home and done by self

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