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The last time , I wrote a letter .

Discernible acquaintances it was !

Driving down the path of memory ,

reminiscing the mirth of knock at doors ,

the white envelopes carrying the letters of our acquaintances.

Enticing it was !!

The letters were calligraphed to best shape the emotions of sender and the recipient.

I remember perfectly the time I wrote letters .

Five – Six years ago ,

before we had any social media ,

any emoticons to celebrate ,

we had caricatures- those special characters to stay in touch ,

the cards are alive in my memory .

It was for her , a friend; a soulful paradise. Indeed special !!

It read;

Small life ,

Big memories,

Window of happiness

The poem of life ,

Shadows for life ,

That keep you alive

It happened by a fateful chance ,

Stayed by Choice,

You keep me glowing,

You keep me going ……..

The whites , blues and greens made me ecstatic , on which to pen down . The letters could read hearts , words were

the metaphors of my physical presence .

Indelible memories of childhood preserved very subtly and conspicuously carried .

Letters cannot have any replacement . It had a curiosity attached with themselves . The last time I wrote a letter is

still fresh in my mind , and is very rejuvenating .


Someday I meet you , I hug you , days I miss you , hours I think of you. Someday we meet , someday we part , instil a

hope to meet yet again always and forever!

By – Avni Ratra
The Inked Envelope ( Instagram username)

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