Come Death.. We Are Ready-02 by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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Why do you threaten us
each single day?
why not come and see
how much do we greet you
and what is our say?

We are facing you
every night
in the lusty embraces
of our greedy wives
who sing a lullaby of
a long list of desires
to purchase next day.

We are facing you
every noon
in the formidable commands
of our lusty bosses
in the labyrinth of
Office space
for entertaining them
inviting us for a
midnight party with them.

Be it a bus stop
or a metro stand,
you are Omnipresent
dear, every where
within covetous looks
of the pick pocket
or the goon with a bulge
of a knife of desire stand.

Why to bother if
you are a must?
Come O death
to us this morning
before our heart
and soul flatten
with so much humiliation
and burst!

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