Author Benefits for ANTHOLOGIES

1. We have been able to connect with many poets who are willing to work with us on helping to spread the news as we move forward. Distribution of these anthologies, this will likely provide a large boost to sales. Each sale means more exposure for the author. In addition, we are trying to get in touch with International units to feature our anthologies, which can have a dramatic effect on sales.

2. We will be allowing each author to provide a short “resume” type bio at the end of each of their works. This can tell a little about the author and some of their other works with a concluding sentence something like, “If you like this author please check out some of their other work. We will also provide a link to amazon and/or the author’s personal web page so that readers can learn more about you and your work.

3. For those of you who have written full length novels these previous benefits would likely mean more sales of your other books. In addition, we are building a new bookstore on our site where all anthology authors will be invited to list their other works for sale. Everyone who visits the store for someone else’s work will also have a chance to see yours, when people come to the site to check out the Anthologies they will be introduced to a store where they may return several times when they learn that authors who have given their short stories/poem also have other work available for purchase, and this entire process will repeat itself and expand every month as new anthologies are released.

4. We are going to offer a spot on our blog for all Authors who would like to have a biographical entry. Authors will have their bios up for several months.

5.  After you take part in anthologies Internationally with PWO, you get International Certificate of Achievement.

6. As our numbers grow and expand we hope to launch a book club which will promote  books and our Anthology Authors

Submissions FAQ

Are there ANY fees involved?

Poetry World Org. is an International Non Profit Org. So we DO NOT charge fees for FREE Anthologies, infact we have many paid books in which we charge a nominal fee so that we can send books for promotional events, Author Advertisements and other library units worldwide.

What Rights Are Involved?

If your work is accepted, you will receive an agreement to get your work published. We ONLY ask for NON-EXCLUSIVE publication rights. If your work has been published previously we would like to give credit to the author for that and hope that they will do the same if the work is published again in the future.

Can I choose the Anthology I would like my work to go into?

Yes, in fact we encourage you to do so.

Will I make a royalty for my work?

We do pay royalties on novel length work; HOWEVER, the work in the International Anthologies DO NOT receive a royalty. This allows more money to be directly used for your advertising and promotion on social media platforms like Facebook, Google etc which is main target of PWO.

What if I have more questions?

You can always contact us through our contact page or email us at [email protected] with any questions.