THE SHOES THAT DESTROY MY FEET “Take the opportunity to not only get published but also to get marketed” Submit your story/poem GUIDELINES: The poem/story should be based on the theme “The shoes that destroy your feet” : attained shoes an unattained shoe of life, struggle, pain, the hurt, the kind loving and the healing […]

मेरी चुनिंदा देशभक्ति शायरी

लिख रहा हूँ मैं जिसका अंजाम आज, कल उसका आगाज़ आएगा मेरे लहू का हर एक कतरा इंकलाब लाएगा मैं रहूँ ना रहूँ ये वादा है तुझसे मेरा मरे बाद वतन पे मिटने वालों का सैलाब आएगा | बंद करो ये तमाशा मुद्दा हुआ पुराना जो तब का है हिंदुस्तान कल भी सबका था, हिंदुस्तान […]

Mistake And Error by Gajanan Mishra

Mistake, Mistake is but common, Mistake be eliminated.Mistake be eliminatedAs soon as possibleTo reach at receiving Benediction at a motion.Mistake is not error, To err is humanAnd it is true, Consciousness should be thereAnd error should be correctedTo reach the end of perfection And no comparison.

To Greet Me by Gajanan Mishra

You are coming outTo greet me, my dear, You are really the great.You are the saviour ofThe down-trodden, my dear, And taking any formWith any symbol.Let me embrace You, my dear, As You embrace the universe, You are really the great.You are black, You are white, You are turmeric, You are pink.And by this colors […]

I Am Indebted To None by Gajanan Mishra

I am declaring this.Am I wrong? As I said earlierI am not a seeker, I am not a Seeker of pleasure.I know coming in contactIs dangerous.I accept You as mine, But see, I have no desire.I am staying here, Here forever and for everybodyAnd here I find my achievement.

I Have To Face You by Gajanan Mishra

O my dear, I have to face You, And it is in fact inevitable.Like act and fruitIt is I and YouAnd I accept and Accept not You.You are not separateFrom me, I know, You are what I am.I belong to You, I am YoursIt is the truth that is hereTo solve all problems.

Acquire Knowledge Not Education by Gajanan Mishra

Acquire knowledgeNot education.Knowledge about The Almighty GodIs a must.Know the truthThrough love.Education is Not so necessary Though it somehowHelp to earnSome livelihood.To fill up the bellyIs the lowest rank.

I Wish To Kiss by Gajanan Mishra

I wish to kissThe blue skyI wish to kissThe deep sea.I wish to playWith the birdsI wish to playWith the stars.I wish to stayOn this earthI wish to stayIn your love first.I wish and I wish, I wish To know your wish at last.

Your Greatness by Gajanan Mishra

It is your greatnessThat you have pointed outThe mistakes that are mine.It is your greatnessThat you have kept meWith you though I am committing mistakes.Let me realize that I am hereWith full power and riskAnd with full accountability.It is your greatnessThat you have made me realizedAnd I am trying to light up a new lamp.

Attitude by Gajanan Mishra

Attitude is important, See it properly, Scrutinize it yourself, my dear, And say sorry for anyDeterioration within and abroad.Law and order is most importantFor anybody and for any stateAt any time to achieve real progress, Let truth triumph be the motiveAnd aim of life for all.

Maya Angelou And Her Poems by Gajanan Mishra

It does not matterWhether you acted as a Cook or a paint remover, Whethera streetcar conductorOr night club dancer, Or an ill fame house motherOr even a sex worker, All these matters little to me, Maya Angelou, I am concernedWith your poems, with yourIdeas and with your view points, Your rising, your pulseOf the morning […]

In Support Of Accountability by Gajanan Mishra

Be sure, what you are doing, Don’t be handpicked of anybody.Perform your own duty, my dearMore efficiently and withGreater transparency.Show your efficiency, my dear, And be more proactive inThe digital medium.Put a stop to red tapeAnd corruption in all workshops.I welcome the new way of Functioning and I hopeA new culture of accountabilityAnd transparency is […]

Your Food by Gajanan Mishra

Take your food, my dear, Your food tells meWhat type of man you are.Do whatever you likeYour work showsWhat type of man you are.Don’t give yourselfTo hypocrisy and egoismKeep faith in you and listen.Listen with attention, my dear.The ordinances of scripturesAnd try to change the pictures.Pictures of your day to day lifesay where you are […]

Keep Writing by Gajanan Mishra

Keep writing, Writing has aWide range.According to yourOwn convictionStay here, This place has keptA lot of things for you.Neglect not anybodyColorful oceans and skiesAre therein.You are your ownHigher states First recognize yourself.

O Pilgrim by Gajanan Mishra

O pilgrim, Your body is your pilgrimageGo deep and deep and dive.Know thyself, my dear, Your soul is the pious river, dive.Your intellect is the boat, Wherein find peace as water, drink.Truth is the wave, my dear, count it, Know all pilgrimage centre in your own body.Everything is there within your own body, The holy […]

Fire Is Not Here To Harm by Gajanan Mishra

Fire is not here to harm, It is I who is doing harm.Air is my lifeBut I am polluting the air.Water is as pious as lifeIt is I who is not careful.Earth is my bodyBut I find not purity here.Sky is flamyWhere to go and live, tell me.

No Other Alternative But To Go by Gajanan Mishra

No other alternative but to go from here, And I am going, see at once and feel myPresence if you are sensitive one.How can you please me that is not a greatQuestion when love and devotions are thereWithin your front pocket and you haveA constant memory and you are ever devout.O men, come on and […]

I Am Happy To Say by Gajanan Mishra

I am happy to sayYou are a beingAnd also a non-being.I am happy to sayYou are here and also there.I know beingAnd non-beingBoth are one.And I sing Always in praise of You only .Let me clearI am happy with You only.

Come And Go – Natural Way by Gajanan Mishra

Come and goNatural wayOf our play.Plant the treeReap the fruitNatural tweet.Truth is youAnd also false is youAs natural as sailingFish and bathing person.Know your own entity, O my dear, and negateNot anything here, alsoSee, no one can furnish surety.

Tell Them by Gajanan Mishra

Tell themYou are not going.They are also not goingTell them.Tell themBoat is the one and the same.Boat is changing its shape and size Tell them.Everything depends on your use of proper wordingAnd I am here with all words.Words are here in plentyAnd I am speechless.I am neither dumb nor deafAnd I am ready to dive.

Water And Ice – Different by Gajanan Mishra

Water and ice – differentThough one – to say in common parlance.You and I – oneThough different – to say at once.It is nothing but the truthI know there is nobody besides You.You and You only are here to finishThe game of death in the form of life.

O Men Try To Learn by Gajanan Mishra

O men try to learnHow to walk on earth.I do agree, you are expertIn flying the sky.You are swimming perfectIn the sea That I cannot deny.O men learn tolerance And it is a great qualityOf a human.See and salute the rising sunO my dear, fear not and stayOn this earth with courage.

My Wife Has Come by Gajanan Mishra

I cannot make my wifeUnderstand at any timeI cannot and this isMy incapability you may say.I cannot change the color of the crowI cannot enable the owl to flyAt day time I cannot and I cannot do so many such things, These are my incapabilities you may say.You may say whatever you like But mind […]

You Are Here – I Know by Gajanan Mishra

You are hereI knowWhat are You likeIt is not necessary to know.I know Omnipotent You are, And yet You are unableTo be away from me.Let me see You, andNot the pillar.It is not YouWho is concealed, It is my intellect That cheat me.

I Cannot See by Gajanan Mishra

I cannot seeYour grief, your woesAnd hence I am callingThis cuckoo’s coo coo coo.Give a smile pleaseParrot is sayingLove me pleasePeacock is saying.Pigeon is givingThe signal of peace, See me, I am with the swan, Let me dance with the mayna.It is time to enjoy lifeForget your woes, forget your grief.

Swallow All by Gajanan Mishra

Swallow allSwallow allThe air the waterThe fire the earthThe sky.Play play Play here, my dearThe field is hereAnd life- all clear.Develop ownnessWith truth with loveIt is you who knows betterThe purpose of all linkageThat is separating always.