The bliss of supreme knowledge

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Book Title : The bliss of supreme knowledge

Author : Thaa Swamiji (K.M.Thangarasu)

Published By : Blue Rose Publishers

Length : 343 pages

Rate of the book : Rs. 315

Book format : Paperback

Reviewed By : Dr.Niveditha BDS.,



Overall Ratings : 4/5

Title : 4/5

Cover : 4/5

Theme: 4/5

Cost : 4/5

Narration : 4/5



Thaa Swamiji (K.M.Thangarasu) is a voluntarily retired police officer who took Kriya yoga initiation from ‘Sri M’ of Satsang foundation Bangalore. He lives a life of embodied liberation with perpetual peace perennial bliss and precious liberty.

Thaa Swamiji has written a book that provides us a thorough knowledge of the divine powers and the essence of the vedas. This book is a translation of various Tamil vedantas and sayings that would make one realize oneself and would lead one towards the path of spirituality, or more like self realization. He narrates about the key principles that are important for a human to lead his life.

I was intrigued by the title ‘The bliss of supreme knowledge’. It totally relates to the spiritual experience and self liberation. The cover page is so beautiful and apt for the book. Swamiji’s writing style is friendly and understandable. Still the readers who are not much into spirituality would find it difficult to understand. Personally it took me many days to completely comprehend and finish this book. But if one reads with interest one would surely realize themselves and will go in the path of yoga, spirituality and self liberation. One would learn to live their life without any stresses.

I would highly recommend this book for all readers irrespective of their age and sex.

OVERALL (4/5):

A complete package of knowledge. A must read book for all.

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