Bitter Bites Deaf and Dumb

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Book Title : Bitter Bites Deaf and Dumb

Author : GS Kushwaha

Published By : Blue Rose Publishers

Length : 144 pages

Rate of the book : Rs. 170

Book format : Paperback

Reviewed By : Dr.Niveditha BDS.,



Overall Ratings : 4/5

Title : 3.5/5

Cover : 3/5

Theme: 4/5

Cost : 4/5

Narration : 4/5



Bitter Bites deaf and dumb written by G.S.Khushwaha is a collection of wide variety of poems written in 5 parts. The poet begins his book with a poem of prayer to God. The following poems follows diverse themes of nature, human character, behaviour, childhood and the bitter experiences of life.

The poet’s writing style is exceptional and reader friendly. The rhythmic touches given to many poems adds beauty to the verses. Readers can get an idea of how our lives have changed from the past and how difficult life is. The poet’s  love of his childhood, nature and his respect towards God has been well penned. One can understand how deep the poet loves his daughter and his family and also his frustration and anger towards the social injustice. The poet has done a good job in expressing his thoughts and catching the readers attention.

The title of the book is quite good but I’m not able to comprehend why the poet chose this title for this book. There were no major noticeable errors. The cover seems to be plain. More detailing could have been done to make the book more attractive and pleasing.

OVERALL (4/5):

A good book worth your read.

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