And I Boost….. by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Jokingly I used to boost among friends
Why I have so much romantic trend?
Who has made you to feel so lovely?
Friends may tease me but very politely

I will come out with nice explanation
They may cheaply laugh at my revelation
I would make them to wonder in my gossip
They would try to know more and peep

I strictly warn them not to disclose
Beautiful queen is in love with me and very close
She is ready to marry and now I will have to choose
I am in dilemma and don’t want to leave or loose

She is there with hunter in hand
I wait for her entry with musical band
She is trying to put her words in my mouth
We are poles apart like north and south

I reminded her about her thrashing
She was always in demand and clashing
I gently uttered to her for all niceties
She stood there in rage even in her twenties

“Put a full stop on composting the poems”?
No love is reflected in any of your poem or theme
Is it not pure deception to come out with perfection?
Why do you hurt so much with words and affection? She simply blared

“Dear it is mud sliding or throwing the dirt?
It is pure love and not any form of flirt
Please do me a favor for making it clear
I shall then feel free from any possible fear

Stay with me for as much as possible
I am broken bodily as it feels feeble
It may not take me far and leave me alone
Try to forget the past as I am single and lone

I shall always be glad to meet
Ready to take you along and always greet
I shall be with you for good and bad times
I shall not ditch you but go away sometimes

Dark clouds may appear and threaten with rain
I shall stand fast forever and firmly remain
The sun may reappear with little shine
Clouds may try to hide but sun may look very fine

Little sunshine with little shower and drizzling
So much heat from it with no more puzzling
It is making me wet but with so much worry
It doesn’t rain heavily and making me sorry

Is it quite indication of coming storm?
Earth was cracking and forcing out the earth worms
Relation were going to soar and not remain same or warm
It was quite amusing me and raising the alarm

I was very much pleased and glad
To find her in good mood and not sad
She found it going with great guns
She found it with me full of funs

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