An Ode To Goddess Of Divine Grace by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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A day of worshipping
Worshipping the lady Goddess
Saraswati, the Goddess
Of divine grace and beauty,
Of peace and cleanliness,
Of knowledge and symmetry,
Of celestial music of joy,
Of whiteness.

She appears in white,
White in all that she wears
Symbolises coexistence,
Unity in diversity
Unity in
Languages we speak,
Feelings we possess,
Longings we foster,
Dreams we cherish,
Lands we dwell upon,
Minds we deal with,
Wavelengths of thought
we communicate with.

It’s a moment divine
to see us in everything
to see everyone in us
to feel oneness everywhere,
to feel the need
for being a person
Cosmopolitan in all
that we think and act,
that we talk and pack,
that we live and love.

Let’s be one such
on this occasion divine
feeling globally,
thinking global,
acting global,
and striving for
a planet-
full of peace,
full of harmony,
full of universal
brotherhood and

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