A Sweet Dawn Of Desire: -01: Memories by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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Memories- Sweet or Sour
Always do us a favour.
They bring us together,
Hatching newer urges,
Engulf the islands of fear.

Mysteries behind the mischief
And cruel tricks plotted
That separated us in the long run
Indefinitely and Infinite times.
Chorus of our innate feelings
Stunned, silenced forever.

Before we could realize
Eternal bliss of being together
Can no more be a reality
And that we would go on longing for
Monotonously, for being closer
Ever after, again and again.

More we crave for each other
Years would be ages and ages Lives,
Life without you yet living for you
On this planet of estranged space.

Vast hollowness filling
Each and every inch of my Existence.
In my corridor of dreams
Love is the only candle of hope,
You are the only Shed for my desires.

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