A New Year’s Eve: 03 by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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Happy new year
Happy new year
To all my friends here,
To all my friends there
Who loved
At least once
At least one
in this life,
On this planet.
I wish you
Oh dear friends
Who loved
In some phase of
their lives
A kid or a bud,
a lamb or a plant,
a book, a place,
a poem, a story,
a dish, a curry,
whatever be it
But it put a comma
On the lines of
in your heart,
Made you stay aput
and think a while.
I dedicate this wish
Of new year
To all the lovers
Of this world
Who loved
Anything, anyone, who-
be it for
a moment or two,
had made a halt
then and there
to feel the beats
of their heart
resonate with
Someone or something
alien and unfamiliar.

Happy new year,
Happy new year
To all my friends dear
Within and outside
My world- the loveliest
of all, Poem Hunter.

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