1800’s Game Of Balls

fashionable decor onto so much more

walk with me talk with me throughout

when this you see remember me

in parting solace and hidden apathy

through silent bulwark or a caraosel

with hiden moments of granduer

sought to appease the eye

within tiny pillars of painted columns of hue,

each of us has been given life as a test

every day a bird learns to conquer its nest

in traverse moments hidden in time

there is a game people played in my dream

it was set in the early part of the 1800’s

a ball would roll down a path leading to a street straight into a magical kingdon

Door frames with full viewed excursion and knobs with hanging apparel

only those balls that made it through were asked to leave the assembly

the one’s inside were destined for a cult type rituals with brain washed intensity

over time many made it through and asked to leave

the few that stayed were locked away in the mansion fostering faulty education

some went totally insane couldn’t cope with the ritualistic lifestyle & there demise was certain

those winners were selected with prizes such as a new home,, education & financial care

there was only one ball with a golden seal on the top

if you were chosen for it you were destined as king or queen over the land

let the reader understand this was but a dream my friend.

yet i awoke to what ?

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